Why Elixir Fitness?

Our goals are 3-fold:

To engage and train with others in a small exclusive group
To connect with nature and experience the local countryside and coastline
To rejuvenate and incorporate wellness into your regime

By achieving these, you will go home feeling energised, rested and focused ready for your challenges ahead.  Elixir Fitness invites all athletes to come and enjoy our training camps here in Portugal.

The definition of an elixir is "a magical or medicinal potion".  We strongly believe you will be charmed and enthralled by the magic of Sintra and wanting to return for more.  

The services we offer:

Triathlon camp goals (7 days):

  1. Recce and train on the Cascais IM course (swim, bike and run)
  2. Two training sessions a day; one rest day and additional sessions of stretching, conditioning and massage.
  3. Possibility to train and listen to current and ex-pros
  4. Guides and coaches are British and Portuguese

Trail running experience goals (4 days):

  1. Explore a variety of trails (coastal paths and forest trails)
  2. Technique and injury prevention with additional sessions of stretching, conditioning and massage.
  3. Guides and coaches are British and Portuguese
  4. Having fun

  5. Trail running experience (2-3 hours):
  1. Exploring the local trails, taking in breath-taking views
  2. Technique tips
  3. Guides and coaches are British and Portuguese

Booking via Airbnb Experiences

Running coaching (1:1 or small groups):

  1. Assess goals, prepare plans
  2. Speed, strength, technique and endurance
  3. Recovery and stretching


  1. Visit for videos on
  2. HiiT sessions and stretching
  3. Running, cycling and swimming
  4. Kit choices
  5. Go check it out!

Outstanding Location

This is an area of outstanding natural beauty, with the Atlantic Ocean always nearby.  The roads and trails are well maintained and so much fun to explore.

Excellent Coaching

The coaches and guides are all with local knowledge of roads and trails.  All have competed at National and International level, both professional and amateur levels.

Challenging Training Trips

These camps will provide a dedicated training schedule of running, cycling, swimming and fitness activities. Camps can be tailored to a specific group’s needs.