The Location

The Location - Cascais / Sintra

The Sintra National Park is a beautiful and tranquil area with approximately to explore either on bike or trail running. The park has excellent maintained trails of various skill level to train and exercise on. The park leads all the way down to the Atlantic coastline and beaches which are equally enjoyable and challenging to run along.

The Guincho-Cascais coastline is raw, fresh and with stunning beauty to enjoy running and cycling. The roads are in excellent quality due to the warm climate and are low in traffic volumes. There is plenty of choice in terms of scenery and difficulty to choose from.

A key feature for any triathlete preparing for the Ironman 70.3 Cascais or Ironman race every Autumn is the opportunity to recce the swim, bike and run course so they can be mentally and physically prepared. This is invaluable experience ahead of the race.